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We offer consultation and Occupational therapy service for children in Surrey (Guildford, Farnham, Woking, Weybridge, Dorking, Camberly and Leatherhead), Hampshire and SW London.

We deliver the individualised and evidence based Occupational Therapy that produce positive results for every child.

Discover how Sherry Aazh as a head of clinic can help your child to reach her/his potential.

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  • We offer comprehensive assessment and therapy service for children at clinic, home and school or nursery.
  • We provide OT intervention and advice to children diagnosed with Dyspraxia/ DCD, Developmental Delays, ASD, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and Neurological Disorders.
  • We work with children who do not have a diagnosis but find daily activities including handwriting, focusing on a task, getting dressed and playing with their friends difficult.
  • We provide therapy and intervention for children who either have occupational therapy provision on their Educational and Health Care Plan (EHCP) or are in a process of receiving EHCP.

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What our client’s say

I received a thorough handwriting assessment for my A level exam. The suggested strategies were really specific and help me to get additional help in my A Level exam

Sherry’s holistic approach of working closely with the school and us as parents provides real benefits. Sherry uses practical OT techniques which have improved our sons: Fine and gross motor skills, his handwriting and focus at school.

Joanna, Parent

Sherry is a very experienced Paediatric OT who understands children and possible underlying issues. She’s been working with our little boy and is patient, kind, firm, persistent and uses encouragement and fun activities to motivate him.

My son has been attending Sherry’s sessions for about six months now. Due to various sensual and motor issues he required a complex approach to work different variety of issues. Since he has started the sessions he has made a great visible progress in writing. Sherry has also made a great job focusing on my son’s eating habits and as a result more foods were introduced . She is a very devoted highly qualified professional. I highly recommend her both for the OT assessments and as a lead therapist to implement an OT program.

Anastasia, Parent

I’ve met Sherry she is so calming, knowledgeable and my son loves our catch ups with her. Her advice has given my son confidence.

Jan, Parent

We were concerned that our daughter was having difficulty with her pencil grip and her letter formations were suffering as a result (many letters were also inverted). Her assessment at the High Five Clinic was both comprehensive and professional. The potential problems were swiftly identified and we opted for the 6 week intervention package by their occupational therapist. We have completed the course and the difference is quite formidable. Its still a work in progress, but the confidence that my daughter has gained whilst writing and drawing is priceless. Thank you so much.

Kattie, Parent

Our OT at High Five Clinic, was experienced and professional and had a lovely manner with myself as a parent and my son who was being assessed. She was patient and attentive with our son and explained what was required of him clearly as she went along, without putting him under pressure. She also listened to all our parental concerns. After the assessment, we received our report very quickly which, was clear and concise and very helpful for us to understand our son’s needs better. I would highly recommend Guildford handwriting Clinic to anyone concerned about their child’s handwriting difficulties.

Naz, Parent

Sherry provided an excellent service. She has a calming manner and my son always felt at ease. Her report was clear and detailed and has helped my son gain the right support moving forward.

Lucy, Parent