My son has been attending Sherry’s sessions for about six months now. Due to various sensual and motor issues he required a complex approach to work different variety of issues.

Since he has started the sessions, he has made a great visible progress in writing. Sherry has also made a great job focusing on my son’s eating habits and as a result more foods were introduced.

She is a very devoted highly qualified professional. I highly recommend her both for the OT assessments and as a lead therapist to implement an OT program.

Anastasia, Parent

Sherry helped my son Jake with coping with his dyspraxia. The assessment was completed at home and the recommended strategies helped him a lot at school and home.

Cath, Parent

Sherry’s holistic approach of working closely with the school and us as parents provides real benefits.


Sherry uses practical OT techniques which have improved our sons: Fine and gross motor skills, his handwriting and focus at school.

Joanna, parent

Sherry is a very experienced Paediatric OT who understands children and possible underlying issues. She’s been working with our little boy and is patient, kind, firm, persistent and uses encouragement and fun activities to motivate him.