Is your child sensitive to noise and find hard to concentrate at school or enjoy social event?

Children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) may report auditory sensitivity.  The medical term for auditory sensitivity is ‘hyperacusis’. Occupational therapists often use the term ‘over-responsivity to noise’ or auditory defensiveness to describe this sensory challenge.

There are many children with ASD and ADHD diagnosis who suffer from noise sensitivity. Majority of these children also have sensory processing disorder. Children who are hypersensitive to a particular stimulus such as loud noise may also want to avoid crowds because of unexpected touches, too much visual stimuli or dislike of specific smell or too much movement in an environment.

If your child struggles with processing sensory input or is already considered to have a processing disorder, contact us to know how we can support your child to manage his sensory issues.

Recent study shows that early intervention will help the child to recognise his/her sensory issues and learn how to regulate his sensory needs, using sensory strategies. The hypersensitivity may become a significant barrier to normal life. This significantly impact on child’s social participation and productivity such as focusing and concentrating on any activity such as school tasks.

It is important to consider comprehensive assessment so you can get to the root of the issues.

Our experience Occupational therapist visits your child at school or home environment to stablish the area of concern and provides individualised sensory strategies to help your child to regulate his sensory needs through specific techniques.